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Hear From Our Families


"Dr. Plumb and Mrs. Galliver are committed to the academic, social, and emotional learning of students, as well as providing a sense of community support for parents and families. They both have a loyal following of young families who value their exceptional teaching and are excited to join their new program... It will be just the program families are seeking."


"Mrs. Galliver's communication skills are exemplary and parents feel comfortable getting advice from her and asking questions about child development. Dr. Plumb builds strong and authentic relationships with her students and their families. She truly cares for every child and does everything possible to help them succeed and build their self-esteem... I have no doubt that Mrs. Galliver and Dr. Plumb will quickly create a wonderful preschool community that will truly be a close knit family."


"The future program created by Dr. Plumb and Mrs. Galliver will have an extensive waiting list. The best advertisement is word of mouth from grateful families. They have truly changed the lives of preschool children and their families and I know they will continue to do so in the future."

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