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Elizabeth Plumb, PhD

Director of Education

Elizabeth Plumb earned a BA in Psychology from UC San Diego in 1994, and a PhD in Education/School Psychology from UC Berkeley in 2003. After working as a school psychologist with preschool and elementary school age children, she took time to be home with her three kids when they were young. Once she started volunteering in their preschool classrooms, she fell in love with teaching and has never looked back. Now in her 12th year of early childhood education, she has loved every minute of it. In addition to teaching at both Newport Center and Shepherd of the Hills United Methodist Preschools, Dr. Plumb has served as a mentor teacher and as the curriculum coordinator at Shepherd of the Hills United Methodist Preschool. She truly enjoys the wonder of this age and the magical moments that each new day in preschool brings.


Sarah Galliver, BSc

Director of Operations

Sarah Galliver was born and raised in England where she gained a BSc Hons (Honors) Degree in Institutional Management from Cardiff University. After traveling around the world, she and her husband moved to California, where they have made their home and raised three boys. When she first started taking classes in early childhood education, Mrs. Galliver fell in love with the field. In 2008, she joined the team at Shepherd of the Hills United Methodist Preschool. She taught many age levels and became a beloved TK teacher and mentor for her fellow staff members. In 2017, she was promoted to Site Director of the Shepherd of the Hils Rancho Santa Margarita campus. Mrs. Galliver believes that being a part of a young child’s formative years is a privilege and she loves to see them grow, gain self-confidence, and develop a lifelong love of learning.


Lezlie Rodgers, B.A.

Lead Teacher

Lezlie Rodgers earned her BA degree in Interior Architecture from California State University, Fresno and graduated with high honors. After working for 12 years in the interior design field, Mrs. Rodgers stayed behind when her twin boys graduated from Shepherd of the Hills United Methodist Preschool to start a new career in early childhood education. With her nurturing style, creativity, and passion for working with children, she was quickly promoted to Lead Teacher. Over the past 11 years, Mrs. Rodgers has taught every age group, from three-year olds to Transitional Kindergarten. Adored by students and parents alike for the wonderful classroom experiences she provides and the caring relationships she builds. Mrs. Rodgers believes that, above all else, preschool learning must be engaging and fun. If children enjoy learning, and are eager to try new activities, they develop valuable skills they can utilize throughout 

their education.  

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